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Prime Panels Prime Panels offers many new research opportunities beyond MTurk including access to more than 50 million online panelists globally (more details)

Study Setup
  1. Create your survey. We recommend using Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo or SurveyMonkey.
  2. Select and configure your panel, study and quota settings below.
  3. Capture the aid parameter (all lowercase) from the URL by setting up embedded data on your study.
  4. Redirect participants at the end of your study to CloudResearch as described by these instructions for Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, or SurveyMonkey.

After creating your study, you will have the opportunity in the Dashboard to preview your study before releasing it to panel participants.


You need to select a valid age range
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Only Visible to Admin
Advanced Options (Contact us for any custom requirements)
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Only Visible to Admin
(minimum of 50 participants)
The URL of your survey
Email addresses to update you on your study's launch and completion (up to 5 emails)
Customer Name
Your name is not displayed to Workers
Assign studies to the same group to exclude Workers who accepted one study from accepting any other study even if all the studies are run at the same time. See this blog post for more details
Quotas allow you to specify target values for how you want your participants to be subdivided. For example, if your study is limited to ages 18-30 you can set 2 quotas: one to ensure that half your participants are male and another quota to ensure that half are female.
Contact us for special study requirements
Warning If you edit the Demographics from the Panels tab then all quotas will be reset

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Quota Target
Quota #{{$index + 1}}
The minimum age needs to be greater than or equal to {{ vm.minAge }}
The maximum age needs to be less than or equal to {{ vm.maxAge }}
The minimum age needs to be less than or equal to the maximum age
{{ o.percentage() }}%
Total: {{ }}
The quota target ({{}}) needs to be equal {{ vm.participants }}

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Quota Target
Quota #{{$index + 1}}
× {{ q.text }}
{{ o.percentage() }}%
Total: {{ }}
The quota target ({{}}) must be equal to {{ vm.participants }}
Prime Panels Pricing
1-10 minutes $1.25
11-15 minutes $1.50
16-20 minutes $1.75
+ Panel Charge $0.00 - $3.00 based on incidence rates
Panel Summary
{{ vm.participants }}
{{ vm.duration }} Minutes
{{ vm.price.price | currency }}
{{ | percentage:0 }} discount has been applied!
Contact us
Please contact us for the Full Lab Service that reaches nearly any demographic
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